In March of 2004, then Councilor Jack Hanna went before the Gresham City
Council and asked that a Task Force be formed to build a memorial to the
men and women in Military, Fire and Police services. One that would tell the
living how much they are appreciated for what they have done -- and do --
and the sacrifices they have made. The Council agreed and in April 2004 the
Task Force was formed. But there was one condition - there would be no
City money involved. And so it began 10 people who felt as strongly as Mr.
Hanna to see the memorial built.


Seven lighted polished cement tablets represent each of the services.
Embedded in each tablet is the bronze emblem of that service. The tablet
stands in the Circle of Honor, which is made up of the bricks bearing the
names of those who have or are serving. Behind the tablets and separated
by the Patriots Walkway, fly each service's corresponding flag. At the top of
the  Circle of Honor fly our American Flag. She is flanked on either side by
the Oregon State flag, the City of Gresham flag, and the MIA / POW flag. © copyright 2011
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